We Are HelloTipsters

We are the ones that make sure you have every tool you need to grow your tipping empire!

Why we do this

We created HelloTipsters as we believe that a lot of amazing, professional Tipsters can utilise our expertise to grow your brands and make your tipping easier, quicker and more efficient

We Improve Your Business

The whole reason we started HelloTipsters, is because we saw a flaw within the market. Tipsters were doing brilliant upon social media, but, users were complaining about notifications from whom they followed and Tipsters themselves had a real lack of control over what they was doing. That is why we built HelloTipsters, to privide you more control over your brands, over your business and let you contrate on tipping rather than logging in and out of multiple places and posting from specfic devices etc...

As well as this, the App Stores were a huge market that was being over looked and we wanted to change that. Now, we have a platform, built specfically for a fast moving industry and a platform that can offer amazing features, simplified usage and give you the chance to have everything hosted and controlled for your own centralised dashboard.

Some of our Partners

We are very happy to have all of these Tipsters utilising our platform. Why not join our growing list of amazing Tipsters.